A quick guide for all the new brands out there

A quick guide for all the new brands out there

How many million-dollar companies do you know are selling the smallest of things? From a small battery to chai people are growing by just being at the right place at the right time!

An idea/ product can be as small as selling a hairpin, but how the company positions the brand and markets the products, decides how the company can monetize that hairpin.

We, being a 360-degree agency, are very enthusiastic and take every brand very seriously.

Focusing on the positioning, we need to make a place for the brand in the market and consumer’s minds. A strong positioning statement shows what a brand can do and how it is going to benefit the consumers. With a strong identity and positioning, a lot of buzzes can happen.

Now spend some time digging deep into the target audience, create personas, understand their mindset, lifestyle, likes, dislikes. Of course, you have you decide first, whether you are going niche or mass.

The niche audience will be very specific and narrowed to a particular city/ lifestyle/ cause etc.

Deciding to go niche or mass again depends upon the product/ service the brand has to offer.

It is marketing time now! Go out into the market, start communicating, and start selling. Based on the TG you will be able to define the channels, communication, and basically the strategy for marketing. Focus on the funnel, and aim to bring the audience to the bottom of the funnel. AlDA model is like magic beans for new brands. Use it effectively.

Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action – pillars of AIDA model. A brand has to focus on grabbing the attention of the audience first and then step by step bring them to a point where they are willing to take the action i.e buy from you!

Pro tip: Don’t restrict the marketing to one channel, have multiple channels so that every platform/ channel has something to contribute!

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