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Google Algorithm Update Timeline: What is the Google BERT and how it can help the brands grow?

Google is an ever-evolving platform that takes out updates now and then. Let’s have a look at Google Algorithm Update Timeline that will help us be on track to increase our visibility over the internet. The latest algorithm update is Google BERT, made to make the search results more relevant and meaningful. 

Google BERT is a modification to Google’s algorithm that has had and continues to significantly influence the company or web page.

If you understand the Google BERT, you may get an advantage over the competition—and position yourself for future search success.

This post gives a comprehensive overview of BERT and why it is vital to assist you in doing so. It also includes feedback from three experts we spoke with concerning the upgrade.

What BERT stand for?

BERT stands for “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers.”

It assists Google in better understanding the context of your queries. BERT uses AI in the form of natural language understanding (NLU), natural language processing (NLP), and sentiment analysis to analyse each word in a search query in relation to all the other words in a phrase.

Previously, Google would analyse words one by one in sequence. The results of the old and new approaches might differ dramatically.

What BERT Does do?

Google provides an example of a search such as “2019 India traveller to USA require visa.”

Previously, Google would have regarded this query as an Indian citizen asking for a visa to the USA.

This is due to Google’s failure to account for the prepositions and context inherent in human language. In this case, Google would not have considered the word “to.” The meaning of the search is altered as a result.

In comparison, consider BERT’s method.

BERT considers the entire phrase, including prepositions. In this BERT, it gets the correct meaning and shows results as an Indian looking for a visa for the USA. 

Google Algorithm Update Timeline: 

Since its founding twenty years ago, Google has made hundreds of improvements to its search engine, including the ones listed in this timeline. In fact, the team makes minor adjustments to its algorithm almost every day.

Google Algorithm Update

Here’s the Google Algorithm Update Timeline: 

  1. Google Panda (2011) 
  2. Google Penguin (2012) 
  3. Google Hummingbird (2013) 
  4. Google Pigeon (2014) 
  5. Google Mobilegeddon (2015) 
  6. Google RankBrain (2015) 
  7. Google Snippet Length Increase (2017) 
  8. Google Mobile-First Indexing (2018) 
  9. Google Medic Update (2018)
  10. Google BERT (2019)

But keep in mind that Google aims to provide a terrific search experience for all of its users, including you and me. These algorithm changes are meant to sort out the sloppy, low-quality, and illegal information that not only clogs our search results but also competes with our own business and marketing content.

In a nutshell, these algorithms are fantastic! It is up to you to take advantage of them. If you want to use these updates to your advantage and grow your business digitally, you can contact the best digital marketing agency in India, Digihive for all. 

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