Power Of SEO

Like how we say every penny matters, similarly in marketing every platform matters. None shall be avoided, especially the one free and most powerful. Yes, we are talking about our very own world-renowned librarian, SEO diligently tracking all the web pages and showing us the ones relevant to our search.


Nobody knows how exactly the Google algorithm works, but through this article, we will share our insights and learning with you, which has helped so many clients out there!


Starting with the crawler, the superhero of SEO we must say, scanning each and everything on the web page and keeping a store of it. 


Now, the storage is in huge database formats called index and whenever somebody types a search query, the search engine goes back to its database and finds out the relevant pages to display.


Now, curiosity is what decides which website will come up or at least on the first page of the google search page. That process is ranking. What are the deciding factors here, This is the next big question and our focus area too. It is always evolving and taking in the important factors which are currently present. Here are few factors that are a must remember.

All about the website

A well-designed and curated website with a logical URL and mobile-friendliness is bound to get more marks than a poorly executed website.


A secure website will carry more weight than an unsecured one. Because that website cares enough to secure customer’s data and its own data.

Go niche

Stick to the niche, the topic, and build the content on that. The more power the website has on its niche, the more likely it is to come up in the search.


Keyword stuffing for the sake of adding keywords is frowned upon by google now. One must put the keywords while making sense out of the content.

Inside pages

A smooth no-breakage navigation, optimized page content structure, good loading speed, all of this account well for a website.


When the website gets mentioned on some other website, that adds to the score. More such links, more likely to come up.

Social media

Maintaining a good engaging social media also is very important for Google to bring the website on top.

These are some important factors that help in the ranking game. Each factor is so vast here that if we start talking about each one, we will end up writing a book here! 

So, if you want to know more about SEO or need any help with yours we are here!

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